Artistic 'Family Day Session' at Ladder Art Space - Paint and Sip Event

Enjoy a beautiful Saturday/Sunday afternoon, relaxing music, and precious time with friends and family while you paint the master study!

It’s time to unwind and live in the moment. Stay away from digital distractions. Switch off your TV and stay away from your tablet, phones, laptops, and other digital devices. Invite your buddies and family members for a paint party at Ladder Art Space. This class is designed for all levels of painters, including beginners. We welcome everyone age 7 and above. Give it a try today and you would be glad you did! 

AGE REQUIREMENT: We welcome everyone age 7 and above.
Important Note: Kids must be accompanied by a paying adult/guardian


  • All painting materials are provided such as canvas, easel, paints, brushes, and apron
  • We provide all glassware, bottle openers, and ice
  • Take home your own finished artwork on a 30×40 stretched canvas
  • A time full of fun and enthusiasm along with great music while you gain artistic tuition from a professional artist!


  • A thirst for painting and trying something new
  • Your favorite drink and snack
Artistic 'Beach Blossom' Painting at Ladder Art Space's 'Paint and Sip' Event

Family Painting Class at Ladder Art Space

Everyone in the family is tired of staying at home. No one wants to play video games or watch movies in the room. Your partner and the kids just want to experiment with new things and discover their hidden talents. It’s time to try something new to strengthen family bonds. Bring your family members to Ladder Art Space to encourage your kids and loved ones to showcase their painting skills. The family painting class in our studio will be more fun if you allow your kids to sip their favourite drink and snack and listen to cool music while they paint their own masterpiece. Sign up now at Ladder Art Space to enjoy a memorable family painting class.

Why Your Family Should Paint at Ladder Art Space

Painting at Ladder Art Space is like no other experience you are used to. We don’t just give you paints and other painting tools and leave you to do things on your own. We have a dedicated team of professional artists who are passionate about suggesting images that you and your kids can paint on canvas. We also provide comprehensive instructions on how to make your painting session memorable.

Besides, our studio is spacious enough to accommodate all your family members. Don’t worry about your kids messing up the environment. We will take care of everything for you while you are having fun with your family.

The New Screen Time is Easel Time

Staying away from digital screens comes with a lot of benefits. It frees you from the stress of multitasking and checking your phones for notifications from time to time. It helps you to live in the moment and connect with your immediate environment. It also a great way to give your loved ones your full attention.

Whether you are a kid, a senior, or an adult, our family painting class is designed to accommodate everyone’s skill. You don’t need to be a professional artist to participate in our family paint class. We have different portraits of colourful landscapes to spark your children’s desire to paint on canvas. It’s time to surprise your family with fun art. Tell them you are taking them to a relaxed atmosphere where they can tap into their creative energy and create their own masterpiece.

Things to Bring to a Family Painting Event

A family painting event gives you a chance to put a smile on the faces of your family members. You can bring anything that will fuel the experience of your family during the painting event. For instance, you can bring food, wine, snacks, pizzas, cheese, or popcorn to make the painting event lively. You can also bring the playlists of your favourite musicians along so that your family can shake their body while painting their masterpiece.

At Ladder Art Space, your happiness is our priority. We want you to enjoy every moment of your stay in our studio. Unlike other places, our studio gives you the freedom to experiment with different types of paintings. We won’t complain even if you mess up our studio with paintings. We’ll clean everywhere when you and your loved ones are done painting on canvas.

Finding Interesting Activities for Your Family

Life is too short. It’s your responsibility to make your family happy. If you want your family to be happy, don’t just sit down and wish for it. Give your kids and teenagers the freedom to express themselves in a creative way through art. Ask them what they would like to paint, eat, and drink in advance and then book for your family painting event in our studio. Our ever-friendly team is always ready to meet the needs of your family painting event.

Sign up for a Family Painting Event

Don’t be afraid to go all the way to invest in family painting events. Staying at home playing games or watching movies with your family will not create those family memories you crave for. The more you spend time painting with your loved ones in our studio, the more your kids and significant half will appreciate your efforts. What are you waiting for? Sign up and book a family event at Ladder Art Space to celebrate creativity with your family.

Family Paint Classes

Switch of your TVs, phones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets in your possession. Now is the time to live in the present and connect with your creative