Artistic 'Poppies à la Van Gogh' Painting at Ladder Art Space's 'Paint and Sip' Event

Explore new shades of that special someone! 

Life is too short to live a boring life. Stop saying you don’t have time to unwind. Let’s help you to fulfill your dreams and recharge your creative energy with a Paint and Sip date night. It’s never too late to have time for yourself. Sign up and book a couples’ paint night now at Ladder Art Space, Melbourne!

Enjoy Your Picture-Perfect Night

One way to enjoy a date night is to add a variety of ideas to your plans. Whether you want to paint interesting images, play your favourite games, drink your best beverage, play the latest music, or talk about the latest trends, Ladder Art Space is the right destination for you. Our studio is well-equipped and is designed to make you laugh throughout your stay. Book a couple’s paint night today to increase your happiness.

Is a Paint Date Night Worth It?

Paint Date Night is designed to give you lots of time to hang out and play with family, significant other, friends, and loved ones. What makes our paint date night even more special and memorable is that you will fun in an unfamiliar but spectacular studio packed with canvases, painting supplies, and step-by-step instructions. Our studio is also blessed with professional and friendly artists who can walk you and your partner through the painting process. That way, each person can create his or her own outstanding painting.
No remarkable paint date night is complete without a tasty snack and a good drink. If you are the type that loves chess, salad, or pizza, you can bring them along to the night party. You can also ask our artist to play your favourite music while you use your paintbrush to bring out your creative ideas to light.

What A Perfect Date Night Should Look Like?

Imagine the date night of two couples: Couple A and Couple B. Couple A are fond of attending one mall in their area. The couple spends most of their time eating popcorn and soda as well as watching movies which they’ve probably seen the reviews online.
Couple B, on the other hand, spends their time at a colourful studio where they paint pictures on canvas, sip their favourite drink, and eat healthy snacks. This couple ends up laughing and making jest of each other about their artwork paintings.
Would you prefer to be Couple A or Couple B? We bet you want your night date to be packed with action, spontaneity, and excitement like that of Couple B. By investing in a night date where both of you can paint together, your significant other will always appreciate your effort and put smiles on your face.

What You and Your Partner Can Paint at a Couples’ Paint Night Out?

Whether it is your first date or not, you need to impress your partner in a creative way. Our couples’ painting event is never boring. At Ladder Art Space, you and your significant other have lots of options to paint anything you want on the canvas. From funny self-portraits, themed-wooden wall signs to seasonally inspired landscape, we have more than 50 pieces of art in our library which you can choose from. Pick a paint theme that expresses your personality and book a fun night out today!