When Smoke Becomes Clouds (#1) by Bradley Mendels


Acrylic on canvas

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Exhibition Statement

If we can learn anything from nature, it is that nothing is permanent, so why do we strive for consistency? Outdated cultural values pronounce their flaws ever more rapidly, prompting re-evaluation and a return to a healthier way of life. This exhibition calls into question our relationship with nature and nurture, laying bare the natural and man-made status quo and
critiquing the things that our civilization holds dear.

Natia’s works highlight the insufficiency of the social landscape for accommodating individuality. She exposes this bleak fact in painting the repetitive facades of her suburbia. Natia asks the individual to consider what their house represents and whether it aligns their own ideals and identity.

Bradley’s paintings hint at an ideal way of life that informs our relationship with nature. These paintings place the natural world on a pedestal and indicate that we cannot afford to let the world that birthed us take a backseat role in our future. As man made smoke becomes indistinguishable from natural clouds, a symbiosis is realized that should not be forgotten.

These paintings should imprint on the minds of the audience, one challenging and other guiding, so as to ascertain what we really want, as a society, a family, and as individuals.


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