Saint Jude by Rowena Hannan


H45 x W23 x D13 cm
Black clay, glaze

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Gothic archways, ravens and children swirl at play, donning their bird beaks and evoking medieval imagery with renewed relevance to today.

This body of work explores our cyclical relationship with myth and symbolism in an attempt to rationalise the overwhelming ills brought by human intervention on the natural environment.

These sculptures focus on humanity’s search for comfort in the mystic and the unexplainable, seeking refuge from what seems beyond our control in the intangible.

In joyful innocence, childlike figures reflect the world through their acts of play as architectural ghosts speak of ever-repeating histories.

While Poe’s ‘Raven’ brings to mind all that is foreboding, they are also seen as protectors and are associated with rebirth and transition. They are both a call to arms and a beacon of hope.

Rowena Hannan


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