Posy Pincyshions in Red


Lana Daubermann
Lino Print – 1/10
13 x 18 cm

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In this body of work, I aim to create a sense of life and energy within a still life format – working with the kind of flora that, to me, demands it. I’ve been immersed in painting Australian natives and their South African protea relatives for the past two years, inspired particularly by their distinctly bold, and sculptural qualities. As a more traditionally educated painter, I’ve attempted to push my own boundaries and explore the effects that degrees of tone, detail and colour offer the viewer – playing with the notion that less can feel more. The lino prints included in this exhibition were a direct result of this exploration and one of my most surprising discoveries.
My passion for this subject matter has been further fuelled by daily pooch walks along Merri Creek and the grounding beauty it delivers amongst the suburban, human chaos. I find my painting practice to be my one true antidote to life’s perplexities.

Lana Daubermann, artist


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