Petal Fall by Zela Bissett


51 x 41 cm on foam core

On a base layer of delicate Mondo grass fibre, the pale green central panel is composed of lemongrass, a useful plant tea and fibre plant. At the base we see some dark substrate formed from onion ink, above it the delicate remnant of rockmelon skin, after being eaten by worms in a worm farm! The radiating pale green spires are streaks of filamentous algae from frog ponds. Delicate fibres beside them are extracted from loofahs and the tiny flower petals are from Grevillea baileyana. Petal Fall is an abundant and life affirming time of year.

Purchased artworks can be collected on Thursday, 13 July 6:30-8:30 pm*, and on Friday, 14 July during gallery hours
Gallery hours: Tuesday-Friday 12-6 pm, Saturday 11 am-6 pm
*Gallery is open until 8:30 pm on the 13 July for the next opening night


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Zela Bissett’s exhibition, Paper Hero, is aptly named because the paper itself is the hero of the artworks. These are no ordinary papers but sheets of specialised substance formed by the artist from plants and earths gathered from her subtropical garden. The various plants give colour, texture and character to the papers formed from them. Zela uses banana trunks, ginger stalks, arrowroot, okra, aloe vera and many other plants to achieve a variety of effects in her unique artworks, of which paper is indeed the hero, sometimes complemented by inks which Zela also makes from first-principles. She brews and strains berries, flowers or bark to get different shades and tones. Embedded within the paper are fronds, fragments and tendrils of the plants which were used to make the papers. Zela works within the offerings of nature, finding much to explore and making artworks whose subtle beauty reflects the natural materials from which they are composed.

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