Little Girl Torn by Ray Besserdin


94.5cm W x 94.5cm H x 9cm D
Based on a foundation of Arches 300gsm hot-pressed French cotton and German cold-pressed cotton papers, worked over in a variety of ink and dye tinted 30 gsm Japanese Kozo and Hemp papers, some as light as 4gsm, on the hair. Tasmanian Oak hardwood, distressed, white limed frame with acrylic glazing.

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A Personal Tribute
She looks somewhere downward with a distant gaze, her mouth slightly agape in despair. She seems to have shed so many tears it has left a trail from one eye, washing the fine film of dust on her cheek. She is in a world she did not choose as in so many native communities, who’s cultural coherence and integrity is tearing down and vanishing beneath them, living in abject poverty. She has learned most to dread the threat of abuse. She is on the threshold so many of the original young ones, especially girls would experience: Torn between a life intolerable, and ending it, like some as young as twelve are doing.
Only a metaphoric symbol in torn paper, let it bring attention to their very real plight, one and all.

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