Life Cycle of the Green Monday Cicada by Ray Besserdin


69cm H x 47cm W x 9cm D
Entirely sculptured from Arches (France) 310gsm cotton hot-pressed mould-made papers with a variety of handmade Hemp, Flax, and Kozo (Mulberry) papers. Insect bodies are sculptured in calendared, hot-pressed stock to give the realistic shine.  The bark is of varying thicknesses of coloured, fragmented Hemp and Flax papers layered over an armature of the sculptured cotton stocks creating the tree forms. The wings are of transparent Glassine Paper (an archival interleaf stock) with venation embossed from behind and coloured from above. Colours are mostly acrylic inks applied by airbrush, and fine sable brush.

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Originally created for reproduction by Australian Geographic Magazine. The art depicts the life cycle of Australia’s most recognized cicada Cyclochila australasiae, otherwise recognised by its common names, the Green Monday Cicada or Greengrocer.  Beginning in the bottom circle, the fully-grown nymph emerges from underground where it has spent up to seven years, feeding on sap syphoned from the host tree’s roots. Having climbed up the trunk and clinging to the bark, it releases itself from the old nymphal skin, (called exuviae), expands its wings and climbs to the branches where males begin singing to attract females. After copulating, females deposit their eggs into cracks in the bark. On hatching, the almost microscopic new nymphs, (look closely), drop to the ground completing the cycle.


Bronze Award Winner, Dimensional Awards, New York, USA 1999

Honourable Mention, Animals Show 2022, Grey Cube Gallery, USA

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