Isolated Night | Michael Lye


Edition number:1/5
25 cm x 20 cm, unframed
33 cm x 28.5 cm, framed

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Exhibition Statement

Seeking to explain our physical data collectors’ connective relationship with natural and mechanical beings, my work breaks down singularly linear abstractions of the environment. Exploring the objectivity of the ‘after image’ each work outlines basic structures in a fluid motion and formalized settings. This breakdown across our eyes represents blurred physical properties that are amalgamated through our minds collecting and placing of data. Using broad and minimal outlines creates a blurred physical explanation of such phenomena. In extracting empirical data from the spacial surroundings my work surrounds heavily around a collaboration between industrial and organic settings. Influenced and motivated heavily by climate change action and the Anthropocene, the series sits to combine evocations of identity, emotion, and ideas through singular landscapes. Sometimes exampled as conscious void or what individuals state as ‘zoning out, the work becomes a broader scope for the breakdown of natural reality both in Dimensional and time-orientated space.
Michael Lye


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