Divine Crystalline by Ray Besserdin


56.3cm H x 56.3cm W x 8cm D
Head sculptured from handmade 40gsm mulberry Kozo with crystals of 30gsm archival glassine on a foundation of Arches hot pressed 300gsm cotton papers. Ink tinted face details.

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Of all the feminine spirits manifesting as nature’s principles, the Divine Crystalline brings forth the perfectly ordered structure of the solid elements from which our whole galaxy is formed. As one of the universal foundation energies, all life depends in one way or other upon her being. She provides life with elemental materials and then continues to radiate her influencing energies in ways well understood by eons of those with knowledge of her esoteric core. Her confident gaze emanates from her most ancient wisdom and benevolent purpose. Her geometric crystalline beauty materialises in forms of glistening clarity, ethereal translucence or solidity asserting her indomitable strength, perfectly aligned with all that makes this awe-inspiring universe.

Framed in a 5-sided clear acrylic box, ready to hang.

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