Cups n’ daisies | Courtney Ally


Acrylic on canvas, framed
44 x 54 cm


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Exhibition Statement

A touch of cream & sugar’, pays homage to the motif of many edible objects found in Courtney’s paintings.

Courtney draws on the colours and shapes of ordinary things, translating them into abstract characters on the canvas. Her work has a playful and colourful quality, sprinkled with motifs of edible and natural things; wine, tea, fruit, coffee, milk, plants and flowers. Her work juxtaposes the living against the non-living through vibrant and abstract expression.

“My hope is for the viewer to be transfixed by the quirky character of my artworks and to notice the beauty of mundane objects which might be otherwise overlooked. By filling the gallery room with many colours and objects, I hope to create a more immersive experience for the viewer.”
–Courtney Ally


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