Christian the Sleuth | Kirsten Bresciani


Fine art photographic print on archival photo rag and acrylic
30 (w) x 38 (h) cm

Christian the Sleuth
Ok, I admit, this is an unusual one, but each time I squirt dishwashing liquid onto a cloth or a sponge to wash up, I am reminded of our friend Christian and transported straight back to his very cool batchelor pad with the spiral staircase on Portobello Road in Notting Hill. As I helped Christian wash up after a lovely lunch at his place, he went on to tell me how he had solved a problem that had been bothering him ever since his brother had moved in. Christian had noticed they were going through three times the amount of dishwashing liquid than usual, so he got to thinking. He hypothesised that instead of squirting the dishwashing liquid directly onto the sponge, holding the dishwashing liquid for longer, therefore washing more items per squirt, that his brother must have been squirting the liquid directly onto the dirty dish, in turn, washing the liquid down the drain. With his hypothesis in mind, he observed his brother’s washing up was proven correct, meaning It was a simple matter of technique that would make the washing up process more efficient and economical. Problem solved.

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Exhibition Statement

Memory and Materiality
Memory and Materiality is a visually diverse exhibition from artists Anita Kwong, Kirsten Bresciani and Sibone Heary. Each artist examines the way in which their own personal memories interact with the present. It is through the process of making that these memories materialise. Louise Bourgeois states that “the function of memory is not only to recall, reconstitute or reconcile the past but also to construct and represent the present” (Contemporary Art and Memory ‐ Joan Gibbons).
Kirsten Bresciani’s Memory Rooms are photo‐boxes of personal memory triggers. They explore involuntary sensory activation of past events – episodic memory.
Sibone Heary’s large scale paintings examine the human body’s capacity to store difficult or traumatic memory ‐ the body remembers. They look at the interconnection between mind and body, and the power of the subconscious.
Anita Kwong’s series of photographs, The day after lockdown 5.0, depicts a light, translucent form mid‐flight in the sky. The works arise from the freedom felt the day after that COVID lockdown 2021 ended in Melbourne, Victoria. Anita considers how the image may cue memory ‐ especially collective memories. The delicate fabric works introduce a tactile medium to the inquiry.


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