Becoming a Vase of Flowers 1 (Tattoo in progress)


Photographic prints
Edition 1/20
50 cm x 23 cm, framed

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Bio and Artist info

Artist Sandra Minchin-Delohery is an Irish Australian artist, academic, performance artist and disability advocate. Minchin -Delohery has a rare autoimmune disorder Scleroderma, Polymyositis and Overlap Connective tissue disorder but is determined to still work. This exhibition investigates the representation of the non-ideal/ sick body and examines how pain/illness may be framed as beauty through the appropriation of the language of visual art in performance and art objects by using aesthetically transformative procedures. She explores ideas around beauty, Dutch floral vanitas, memento mori, and appropriation through her art-making process.
She has developed a reputation for taking radical departures in mixed media, object-based work, live art, print, film and photography. Her work is challenging, provocative, beautiful, fragile, emotionally raw and moving. Minchin-Delohery has exhibited and presented work in Ireland, China, Italy, London, UAE, Berlin, Holland and Australia. She won several awards for her work, among them the coveted City of Melbourne Arts Grant in 2014 and since then has given artist presentations on her work in the National Gallery Victoria, the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra and St. Barts Pathology Museum in London. Minchin’s current work deals with the intersection of beauty, illness, bodies in distress, the non-ideal body, tattoos as fine art, appropriation, disability, fashion, jewellery, and female subjectivity. Sandra has ‘appropriated’ Vase of Flowers, by Jan Van Davidz de Heem and had a copy tattooed onto her back, committing her body to large-scale, permanent ornamentation. This process-based artwork has taken place over 250 hours and is now at completion perversely resulting in an indelible image.
She has given talks on overcoming cancer, living with chronic illness and re-claiming the body, and is known to try and inspire women with cancer to triumph over adversity while promoting a positive self-image for the physical difference.


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