A Call to Change by Ray Besserdin


160cm W x 114cm H x 12cm D
Sculptured 30gsm handmade Kozo paper, Mulberry Tengushu with Hahnemuhle NOT and Arches hot pressed cotton sheet-formed papers, (not papier maché).  Single colour ink tinting and background wash

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Symbolically, this work is based on the conspicuous decline of our Christmas Beetles. 

In the web of life, beetles are both important as plant pollinators and agents of the nutrient cycle at root level.  Their curl grubs and wriggling pupae were once common in most backyards but are increasingly rare to find.  For that reason, I omitted the pupal phase to bring attention to an obvious interruption somewhere in their live cycle.

Not to speculate on causes, insects are very resilient, and provided we are aware of our surroundings such that we may be able to manage our interactions for the better, a pinned museum specimen may not be the only way future generations see these beautiful creatures. The triangular frame signifies a pivot point, (also the algebraic symbol delta = change).


Selected artwork for Gallerium Art Prize  ” EXTINCTION: Save the Planet 2022″ exhibition

Selected artwork for National Entomology Insect Expo, Melbourne, Australia

Mention Honorifique – Professional Artists Competition – Mondial Art Academia, France 2020       

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