Mixed media on plywood
95 x 125cm, Framed

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Gallery hours: Tuesday-Friday 12–6 pm, Saturday 11 am-6 pm
*Gallery is open until 8:30 pm on the 20 October for the next opening night


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Exhibition Statment

In a time in which our eyes are constantly caught by advertising imagery in cities, on social media and TV prompting a shopping frenzy.

Influenced/inspired by imagery from the likes of Warhol – grungy pop art. Manifested in everything from film to food labels, popular culture, products, images and ideas embraced by the broader public, particularly as seen in mass media.

Using new realism and pop art to transform the media landscape that conditions us. Portraiture blended within the advertising images of colourful textures and fragments of typography to create engulfing imagery reflective of our hectic society, leaving the viewer with a lasting impression of sensory overload.


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