21st Century Gods II


Dustin J Voggenreiter

Vinyl & Timber
120cm x 59.6cm

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“This project has been supported by RMIT University through RMIT Culture.”

Artist’s Statement

Dead Thrones is a collection of monuments dedicated to our endless search for meaning in the world of form – things, possessions, dogmas, ideas. We exalt the new, and worship at the throne of fleeting deities.

These artworks offer us space to consider our relationship to the stuff through which we experience the world. Is the restless yearning we experience part of human nature or the symptom of a life out of balance?

By portraying computer hardware – the technological wonder that fuels our age – in a gilded, exalted state, the exhibition draws parallels between our ancient ancestors, and our contemporary experience of life. Out with the old! In with the new! As our gods continue to fade into irrelevance, who shall take their place upon a dead throne?

“This project has been supported by RMIT University through RMIT Culture.”


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