Small Works of Wonder: Christopher Wray

Welcome to Ladder Art Space’s latest exhibition, “Small Works of Wonder” by Christopher Wray. Delve into the intimate landscapes of Australia through the eyes of a seasoned artist whose journey began in childhood and continues to inspire.

Christopher Wray’s artistic voyage commenced amidst the breathtaking vistas of the Dandenong Ranges, where as a child, he captured the essence of his surroundings with a paintbrush in hand. Nurtured by his maternal grandfather and fueled by tales of the great Arthur Streeton, Wray’s passion for depicting the Australian landscape was ignited. This passion led to the publication of his biography on Streeton, cementing his connection to the artistic legacy of his homeland.

Although life’s demands momentarily shifted his focus away from painting, it was his relocation to Perth in 1994 that reignited his creative flame. There, amidst the landscapes of Western Australia, Wray found inspiration anew, capturing the essence of Perth and the Swan Valley with each brushstroke.

Upon his return to Melbourne, Wray’s canvas expanded to encompass the diverse beauty of Victoria. From the bustling streets of the city to the tranquil shores of coastal Victoria, his paintings evoke the play of light and shadow, the vivid hues of the seasons, and the timeless allure of the Australian landscape.

In “Small Works of Wonder,” Wray invites you to explore these intimate glimpses of nature’s majesty. Each painting, imbued with the artist’s personal connection to the land, speaks volumes about the beauty that surrounds us.

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