Explore the captivating exhibition by Melbourne’s own Lauren V Morehouse at Ladder Art Space. Lauren, known for her diverse mastery in textiles, performance, and installations, presents ‘Artists as Creators,’ a profound exploration steeped in earthy hues.

In a world engaging in fervent dialogues about the place and value of artists, Lauren’s work uniquely humanizes these discussions. Her artistic journey delves into the essence of the artist, accentuating their individual importance. Aligned with the National Cultural Policy’s emphasis on the ‘Centrality of the Artist,’ Lauren’s pieces harmonize with this ethos, aiming to connect political discourse with the personal.

‘Artists as Creators’ unfolds as a captivating series of portraits capturing artists admired by Lauren. These portraits offer an intimate view into their creative sanctuaries, painted in an earthy color palette. Beyond displaying the final artwork, they unveil the tools that embody the artists’ creative odyssey.

Each intricately crafted piece in this series serves as Lauren’s personal tribute to the dedication and labor of these artists. Through meticulous earth-toned stitches, her art reveres the creative process, underscoring its depth and significance.

Step into Ladder Art Space and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of ‘Artists as Creators.’ This exhibition is an homage and acknowledgment of the profound impact of art on our world and the artists who enrich it. Join us in celebrating those who infuse our lives with vibrant creativity and meaning, rendered in a captivating earthy color palette.