Step into the world of Manasee Jog, where art becomes a conduit for memory, emotion, and collaboration. Based in Naarm/Melbourne, Jog’s exhibition is a testament to her multidimensional creativity as an artist, designer, and educator.

Her artworks intricately intertwine diverse memories, manipulating visuals and materials to bring past events to life. Through a nuanced blend of autobiographical narratives and layered elements, Jog invites us to explore familial echoes, ethereal messages, and a range of emotions translated into captivating visual stories.

Central to this exhibition are prints crafted through a meticulous process—a dance between ink and a gelatin plate. Each print embodies controlled chaos, resulting in serendipitous, one-of-a-kind monoprints that captivate with their spontaneity.

Printmaking, for Jog, transcends medium; it’s an experiential, collaborative journey. Her exhibition is an immersive experience, inviting you to join her exploration of self and memory through the transformative power of art.