Welcome to Ladder Art Space’s latest exhibition, where we invite you to immerse yourself in the captivating world of flowers through the lens of artist Sharman Feinberg.

In “Bouquet,” Feinberg delves deep into the natural marvel of flowers, meticulously examining their individual form, growth patterns, and vibrant colors. Each specimen becomes a unique personality captured on canvas, reflecting the artist’s keen eye for detail and appreciation of nature’s beauty.

What sets “Bouquet” apart is Feinberg’s daring choice of flowers, selecting arrangements that are both unusual and adventurous. With a diverse collection of glass and ceramic vessels at her disposal, the artist crafts inventive displays that breathe life into her compositions. Some vases are even born from her imagination, adorned with intricate patterns designed to enhance the floral narrative.

Color plays a pivotal role in Feinberg’s artwork, extending her palette to new heights. While backgrounds maintain a single hue to complement the overall design, texture and light and shadow add depth and dimension to her creations. Drawing inspiration from the masterful flower paintings of Vincent Van Gogh, Feinberg pays homage to his legacy while forging her own artistic path.

Beyond their aesthetic allure, flowers hold a profound significance in human culture, symbolizing emotions ranging from love and joy to hope and loss. They serve as vessels of memory, evoking fragrances that transport us to euphoric states. Like us, they embody fragility and vulnerability, yet their beauty inspires boundless creativity.

Accompanying Feinberg’s paintings are select poems by renowned poets, further enriching the sensory experience and deepening the connection between art and literature. As Frida Kahlo famously stated, “I paint flowers so that they will live forever,” echoing the eternal essence captured within each brushstroke of “Bouquet.”

Join us as we celebrate the timeless allure of flowers in all their splendor, inviting you to revel in their enduring beauty and profound significance.

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