Welcome to Ladder Art Space’s online catalogue featuring the vibrant works of our latest exhibition!
With a deep passion for the craft, the artist celebrates the essence of art through a profound appreciation for its fundamental elements. From paint and canvas to paper, ink, and charcoal, each stroke and texture embodies a journey of creativity and expression.

Experience the joy that radiates from every artwork, capturing fleeting moments, thoughts, and melodies. The artist’s exploration of colour, rooted in the simplicity of primaries, unveils a mesmerizing ritual that lays the groundwork for boundless creativity.

Delight in the process as the artist embraces the physicality of artmaking, revelling in the apparatus of creation and the endless possibilities it presents. Each piece is a testament to the joy found in curiosity, experimentation, and the sheer delight of seeing where the artistic journey leads.

Join us in celebrating the convergence of materiality and imagination, as we invite you to explore this captivating exhibition. Discover the joy of art in its purest form, and let the colours and textures transport you to a world of wonder and creativity.

Don’t miss this opportunity to visit “Apparata and the Colours of Questions” by Kirsten Johnston at Ladder Art Space.
Make plans to visit this exhibition at the gallery, 81 Denmark St, Kew, VIC, from 29 February to 22 March.

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