Clare Dwyer is a self-taught fibre and textile artist who manipulates an eclectic array of materials to create a range of small and larger scale weavings as well as some woven sculptural pieces.

In this exhibition, Clare explores a range of ideas and has enjoyed pushing her creative boundaries through juxtaposing the softness of fibres and textile materials against the hard surfaces of metals and wood.  Clare has experimented with the traditional Japanese technique of Shou Sugi Ban – (charring of wood in order to preserve it and make it waterproof) in some of her current works.

Clare also has a strong interest in recycling and relishes incorporating unusual found objects and recycled fibres and materials into her weavings. Among the more unusual materials used are: rusted metal, woodwork grinding discs, an oven element, gas stove cap, paper clips, plywood, recycled clothing, belts, scarves, packing paper, and plastic garden twine.

After the recent devastating Bushfires, some of her current pieces reflect the impact on our precious natural environment and provide personal commentary on climate change and the need for more collective action from all of us.

Within the Weaving Nature Exhibition, the subject matter of the works is either inspired by Nature – Trees and flowers: or utilises elements gleaned from nature, be it a range of natural fibres, seed pods, textiles,  wood, leather, paper, copper and rusted metals to create individualistic and unique works of art.  Enjoy!