Thursday 30 November, 6:30-8:30 pm

Manasee Jog is a visual artist, designer, and educator, based out of Naarm/Melbourne. She is also a researcher completing her PhD looking inward into her studio practice through the lens of materiality, memory and collaboration.

This selection of artworks seeks to interconnect her diverse memories and how events past can be visually manipulated through the use of metaphor and materiality.

These artworks are a way of nurturing an ongoing relationship with embodied memory, using multi-layered approaches, elements and narratives that explore autobiographical lived experiences. These narratives talk about familial flashbacks, other worldly messages, both sad and happy reminisces, in an attempt to try and translate unnamed emotions into visual forms of storytelling.

This set of prints are the result of a process that involves the repeated addition of layers of ink and then the removal of the same from a soft surface – a gelatin plate. Though the prints might seem spontaneous, there is a controlled chaos to the artist’s process that produces these serendipitous, single edition, monoprints.

Printmaking as a medium, has helped transform Manasee’s practice into an experiential and collaborative process.