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*Closing at 3 pm on October 28th

To recognise the beauty of impermanence is my journey to date. Being in the moment involves the paradoxical willingness to let it go.

I’ve always clung to what makes me feel in love with life and been adverse to stepping into anything I desire but can’t see as sustainable. I’ve feared experiences I can’t see any goodness in, like the ongoing effects of invisible disability. When my conditions cycle into periods of distressing intensity, I fear experiencing life like wet cement will never end. I forget that over three decades of life like this, it always ends. Now that people know, I’m not alone in finding a way out of the overwhelming obstacles separating me from feeling alive.

This series of paintings marks when I found an internal anchor in the truism that ‘this too shall pass’ works both ways.

I no longer live in the fear of being unable to hold onto what and who I most love. I surrender to appreciating and experiencing moments with who and what I most love. I confront experiences and those I don’t love and examine them until I understand how to interact with the unwanted reality to elevate and grow into the reality I love, with who I love and can be as I am.