This exhibition, the weed project, is centred around Ann McGinley’s continuing exploration of migration. As a migrant born of migrants from the Levant, Ann works on representations of displacement, the need for acceptance, resilience and regeneration. She travelled to France, Brazil and Crete between 2018 and 2022 as an artist in residence and in each place became preoccupied with the uncultivated weeds which persist along the roads and alleyways.

Overlooked, eradicated, defiled; foraged but rarely nurtured these weeds represent the struggle for existence, they survive and regenerate with determined resistance. The survival of weeds parallels that of the migrant, transplanted to an alien environment they persist in conditions that predict failure.


Artist Biography

Ann McGinley is a Melbourne artist.

Ann McGinley was born in London’s East End; she is a product of alienation and dislocation Her mother from Izmir, Turkey was living in an evacuee camp in India when she met her Ann’s Irish father.  Ann and her family emigrated to Australia in the 60’s as ‘£10 poms’.  

Ann has completed a Masters of Contemporary Art at the VCA (University of Melbourne) (2014) where she deepened her understanding of contemporary painting.  Her works are complex explorations of the intersection of landscape and psyche the application of watercolour.  They are often chaotic abstract renderings of the overlooked environment.  For the last 5 years Ann has incorporated the act of walking and foraging into her practice.  Her current work, the weed project, began during a residency in Southern France and has continued in Brazil, Greece and Melbourne.  The project continues.