Still Life; My Vision of the Artistry of Nature

Colour and design inspire my art. I am drawn to nature’s wonderful, intricate, organic designs and the explosion of colour in nature, often being aware of the way nature throws together unusual colour schemes, as well as the sometimes subtle arrangement of subdued colours.

I have portrayed the artistry of nature in pastel, the medium I am most passionate about- for its immediacy, texture, and range of effects from bold to delicate. I have also incorporated other media of acrylic, ink and watercolour, etching, oil pastel, and mixed media all of which I have been experimenting with and exploring in this body of work.

I have created in the genre of still life since I studied with celebrated artist and teacher, Daniel E Greene, in New York in the mid-eighties and was inspired by his large, highly realistic, unusual still life artworks in pastel and oil. I have taken that inspiration and created in my own style, scale and with my own unique vision.

Janet Hayes, artist