I started painting as a child. My first landscape was of the Dandenong Ranges from our home in Boronia when I was about 8 years old. My maternal grandfather encouraged me, giving me his signed copy of Arthur Streeton’s Catalogue and ‘Smike to Bulldog’ the published letters between Arthur Streeton and Tom Roberts. My great grandfather had been a friend of Streeton, and my grandfather had, when young, seen the artist at work. His stories about Streeton, together with my own love of painting, fuelled interest in depicting the Australian landscape. In 1993 my biography of Streeton, ‘Arthur Streeton: Painter of Light’ was published by Jacaranda Wiley.

After I left University in 1968 the pressures of making a living and family life meant that my painting took a back seat and it was not until I moved to Perth in 1994 that I again took up a brush and paints on a regular basis, depicting scenes around Perth and the Swan Valley.

Following my return to Melbourne, I continued to depict the landscape in and around the city and suburbs, the Yarra Valley, South Gippsland and coastal Victoria together with works painted following visits to Sydney. In each case I have sought to capture, in works on an intimate scale, those seasonal effects of bright sunlight and contrasting shadow or the misty light of a winter afternoon which have triggered a response in me. It is those works that now speak for themselves.