‘Scot Free‘ Emma Parker

I have been working in clay for almost 25 years, and have a Bachelor of Arts and Masters degrees in ceramics. At Eton College (England), I lived on campus and taught fine art with a specific focus on ceramics for 15 years before immigrating to Melbourne to teach at Scotch College in October 2018. I have exhibited internationally within the U.K. and Europe. This is my first exhibition in Australia. Currently, my work is featured in the Spotlight section of this quarter’s issue of the Australian Ceramics Journal.

The work for ‘Scot Free’ has been produced during my time as an artist in residence at Scotch College Melbourne. This sculptural work is informed by first hand experiences of the day-to-day routine of the school and its community, as well as its significant history. The resulting sculptures explore themes of commemoration, mateship, boyhood and coming of age. These subjects resonate with my own history as both an artist and teacher of boys.

The source for my ceramics is both incongruous and varied. I am particularly interested in the contradiction between the formality that lends structure to an institution such as Scotch and the energy, distractions and contemporary values of its emerging pupils. My residency at the college has afforded me the opportunity to direct my focus from teaching towards developing a professional ceramics practice. It has granted me the freedom to further develop and explore the possibilities of my preferred medium.

In creating pieces for this exhibition, functionality has been a completely new avenue for me. In doing so, I have used images from the school archive directly as surface design. Additionally, I have incorporated my own sketches drawn from this bygone photography into the design of my work.

Emma Parker, Ceramist


September 2018: Joint exhibition with painter printmaker Ian Burke in conjunction with the Staithes Festival of Art and Heritage, Staithes Gallery, North Yorkshire, U.K. 

April 2018:​ Spring Exhibition, N0. 4 Gallery, St Abbs, Eyemouth, U.K. 

March 2018: Green Fuse Gallery, Upper James Street, Westport, Ireland, EU

November 2017:​ ‘Swan Song’, Staithes Gallery, North Yorkshire, U.K.

September 2017:​ ‘Watch with Mother’, a joint exhibition with painter printmaker Ian Burke in conjunction with the Staithes Festival of art and heritage, Staithes, North Yorkshire. 

August 2017: Green Fuse Gallery, Upper James Street, Westport, Ireland 

August 2016:​ Staithes Gallery, Staithes, North Yorkshire, U.K. 

April 2016: Group exhibition, Drawing Schools Gallery, Eton College. 

May 2011: Group exhibition, Runnymede Gallery,North Lodge, Windsor Road, Berkshire, U.K. 

October 2010:​ Curated a group exhibition of ceramic sculptures made by members of the cooperative professional ceramics studio ‘Fireworks’ in Cardiff, including artists Daniel Allen, Sara Moorhouse and Lowri Davies http://www.fireworksclaystudios.org

October 2006: Group exhibition, Drawing Schools Gallery, Eton College.

November 2004: ​Curated group exhibition of ceramic sculpture by invited artists  including Gordon Baldwin, Michael Flynn, Nick Rena and Kaori Tatebayashi. Drawing Schools Gallery, Eton College.

October 2003:​ Jam, Eton Applied Arts Gallery, Windsor

December 2001:​ Curated and took part in a group exhibition of local artists, Bootham School hall, York, U.K. 

June 2001:​ Howard Gardens Gallery, Howard Gardens, Cardiff.

February 2001:​ Group exhibition, Vere Hodge Tunnel, Tonbridge School, Tonbridge, U.K. 

2000 – 2002:​Noel Hennessy Furniture, 6 Cavendish Square, London.

July 1998:​New Designers Exhibition, London.https://www.newdesigners.com