Giulianna del Popolo is a self-taught artist who loves to depict country scapes in many types of media. However, to convey texture best, she is drawn to the gritty earthiness of soft pastel and how versatile it is in creating unique effects. Paired with a variety of papers and painted gesso substrates, the pastels make unexpected marks, such as no two shells, rocks, or fingerprints are perfectly alike.

This exhibition in soft pastel explores contrasts.

  • Contrasts of hard and soft; depicting hard surfaces with soft, lively lines and bouncing light.
  • Contrasts of distance; scenes from standing perspective amongst dunes and sheer cliff walls compared to micro landscapes of rockpools and the fascinating life within them.
  • Contrast of place; outback red earth with golden grasses to cool coastal scenes in shadow and mist.

“I am almost always drawn to rocks, I find them to be wonderfully textural and enjoy portraying their volume and scale. Their variations are endless; each uniquely eroded over time by the environment and their unique composition. Rocks are rarely just grey. They house nature, and life, and tell a story of the landscape with their displacement and erosion. Pastel, with its’ similarly sand like texture, paints rocks with ease and expresses the softness that I interpret in the scenes.”

From Kata Tjuta and Uluru, Kununurra, Sunshine Coast, Cape Schanck, and the Bellarine, this show tracks some of Giulianna’s art and Australian travel experiences.

Each work is on paper framed in Australian Oak or Blackwood, (some with certified non-reflective Art Glass) and mat board in a simplistic, consistent theme.

Giulianna is a resident of Banyule, and works from her own professional Interior Design studio in Watsonia.  She currently lives and works locally, with her young family.