'Renewal. Going to nature. Bringing nature in.' Jo Lombardo and Yudha Scholes

A shared love of nature provides a common focus for the varied art practices of Jo Lombardo and Yudha Scholes. As Visual Art practitioners and teachers Jo and Yudha are regularly refreshed and renewed by trips to the coast or bushland, to connect, unwind and observe the rhythms of life.

Yudha sees the natural world as a living being – the source of all life.

“I love to go to nature. All nourishment and beauty come from the earth, sun and the ocean and I feel revitalised in it. In these latest paintings I have been exploring the qualities of natural environments, from the random growth of branches and sublime reflections of rivers to the vibrant optimism of the sun shining over a hillside. It is at once obvious and infinitely subtle, the perfect muse.

Each untouched scene creates a challenge for me to navigate the tensions between representation and abstraction, to share my intuitive and emotional responses to it. In this way, whether I’m visiting a family favourite beach or sacred rivers discovered on cultural tours, all become locations that inspire unique painterly responses. Then in my studio, I can go back to these places, through memory, photographs and personal experience whilst painting. “

Jo is fascinated with intimate details of plants and flowers – those she encounters on her travels and the house plants and blooms that people bring into their environments.

“I am always stopping to marvel at the shape of a leaf or the formation of a flower. As a trained photographer I have always captured images of the organic shapes and patterns of foliage and florals, so it was a natural progression to use them as a source for my digital illustrations.

The photograph is used as inspiration; however, the digital illustrations take on a life of their own as I explore design elements and principles to create my compositions. The circular discs crop and  enclose the designs and suspend them in stillness as decorative memories of places I have visited. Bringing Nature In.”

Renewal is an opportunity for Jo and Yudha to present their individual representations of the natural world together for the first time. The common theme provides a sense of unity to the exhibitions. The contrasting lenses of micro and macro help bring each artist’s unique viewpoint clearly into focus.