Mother is She

Motherhood and creativity are all-encompassing gifts. Yet, at times, it seems they can only function in mutual exclusivity. Very often I feel that it is my creativity that is forced to a backseat, -not worthy of the precedence over the constant and ever-changing demands of raising three children. But it was this internal conflict that unexpectedly brought me to this work.

This is a deeply personal self-portrait of my Motherhood. It explores the overwhelming nature of Motherhood, the fragmented state of mind, and my frustration at the limitations motherhood has placed on me. But as well as this, this work is an expression of my feeling of loss of identity, and the sense of disquiet with the new identity that has been re-assigned to me. This work captures the entangled mix of love, suffocation, connection, isolation, the loss of identity, and the general madness of my Motherhood.

Marisa Ho, artist