Thursday 13 June, 6:30-8:30 pm

In my artistic practice, I am drawn to both intentional and unintentional aesthetics. Utilizing 3D CAD technology, I meticulously craft intentional aesthetics within the virtual realm. However, the translation of these programmed forms into tangible objects often introduces unforeseen variations, which can unexpectedly manifest as moments of beauty.

My pottery pieces feature a marriage of structured surface patterns and the unpredictable nature of glaze application. Through the integration of technologies like programming and 3D printing, coupled with traditional craftsmanship and the dynamic transformations of glazes in the kiln, my work emerges with distinct pottery expressions.

Within this exhibition, I explore the intersection of traditional pottery techniques—such as slip casting, hand building, and slab building—with contemporary digital methodologies. Pottery, steeped in history and diverse cultural practices, serves as a canvas for innovation. By juxtaposing ancient methods with modern sensibilities, I aim to unveil novel approaches to ceramic artistry.

While I have delved into the conceptual underpinnings of my practice, pottery remains a tactile art form deeply intertwined with our everyday experiences. Rather than delving into complex theories, I invite viewers to engage directly with the tangible qualities of form, color, and texture, pondering how these elements enrich their lives aesthetically.

Kei Narita