The Truth Within, 2019,  Sally Walk 


This body of work is on the edge, balanced, uneasy and restless. In contrast, these sculptures are also delicate, strong, pretty and determined. They reference the illusions we create through the media, how we present ourselves and what we determine as truth. Our outer shell is a façade, a beautiful illusion, but who we are is unclear. Our very existence is constructed, carefully controlled, meticulously edited. You can know and see only the edited version. What lies within or beyond the beautiful façade will be lost to the ages as the truth teeters on the edge. Never before has a society become so obsessed with marketing themselves. Who are we really? This imbalance between what is real and what is not, is unnerving, and these ceramic sculptures explore this concept.

These works use frilled skirts and thin legs to create a sense of unease as they physically balance on the edge. They are bold and busy, yet they appear delicate and look as if they may open or contain something. What lies within is unseen. The very nature of ceramics is brittle and easily broken and the way it is constructed lends itself to the idea of an interior space. Yet these works remain strong, steadfast to uphold the flamboyant outer shell, uphold the illusion.

The shape of the forms are inspired by marine animals and microscopic imagery. I am fascinated by texture and have an obsession with repetitive pattern and contrast.

Sally Walk, artist