I, there, here
Soyoun Kim

5 February- 2 March 2019
Opening Wednesday 6th February, 6-8 pm

I, there, here is a photographic exhibition of a personal journey of searching for one’s own identity through
selected works which have been created over the decade.

Moving from one place to another is excitement with the curiosity of life and an unexpected adventure. At the
same time, it is an emotional challenge to depart the familiarity of people and place that are known for years
and find a new place to stand. This social and cultural dislocation brings the absence of being an individual
identity in a new community.

In this exhibition, I have tried to bring this invisible absence of being into visible proof of the existence through
body language and landscape. The self performing image is a reflection on the situation I am experiencing and
the space where I am interacting. And these symbolic gestures expend to the current issues addressing the
notion of humanity. The space explores the traces and memories contained within.

I would like to connect the viewers with my journey using the visual language through this exhibition.

Artist and Curator, Soyoun Kim

Korean immigrant artist and curator Soyoun Kim’s works have been shown in national and international
exhibitions and art awards including MAMA Art Foundation National Photography Prize, DUO Magazine
Percival Photographic Portrait Prize, Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Photography Award, 6th International
Art Prize Arte Laguna in Venice Italy and Olive Cotton Award for Photographic Portraiture.

Kim also created exhibitions as an artist and independent curator including collaborative exhibition, Cadavre
Exquis, at Culture at Works in Sydney in 2015 and commissioned exhibition by Korean Cultural Centre Sydney,
Passage to Pusan, in 2017.

More Kim’s work can be seen on her website; www.soyounfotoarts.com