Margot will donate the proceeds of the exhibition to bushfire relief.

Home Sweet Home

This group of works continues my interest in the ways we construct our individual identities. Where we live and the homes we live in, are not only crucial to the ways others see us, but to the ways in which we see and understand ourselves. A home may offer shelter and a sense of belonging for an individual or a group of people. In this way home becomes a place for a connected group to belong. 

In the past, to have or to share a home did not always bring contentment or security. For some women it represented safety and certainty; for others it represented entrapment. Escaping the physical boundaries of the home meant freedom for some women, but for others, it has meant homelessness. 

The use of tapestries, many made decades ago, reflects the role of women in recording their lives and their identities. The tapestries also reflect the homes they desired as well as the homes in which they lived. Rather than continue the task of embroidering tapestry patterns, I have moved beyond the traditional and extended the threads and messages beyond the frame. I have considered the message these women expressed in their needlework and offered a new interpretation of their depictions employing contemporary colours in thread and perspex.

Margot Westhorpe, artist