Dion, a 23 y/o queer artist from Naarm, presents a vivid exhibition exploring the human spirit and its ability to regenerate, even in the wake of trauma & loss. Through watercolour, their intuitive strokes create a playful naivety with bursts of colour in Giving, Grieving, Growing.”

Themes of spirituality, nature, and mental health permeate Dion’s emotive earth-toned paintings, offering a tender glimpse into their own soul. Having exhibited in group shows and cafes, Ladder Art Gallery is proud to present Dion’s debut solo exhibition.

In the midst of 2022’s most testing moments, Dion endured profound tragedy within their family, a devastating breakup, and their own hospitalisation. From these depths, the poem “Giving, Grieving, Growing” emerged, birthing an unfiltered collection of authentic watercolour pieces. Each brushstroke bears the weight of their emotions, offering a testament to resilience. Through vibrant hues and delicate textures, this exhibition narrates a journey of healing and growth.

These paintings convey hope, resilience, and self-love. Immerse yourself in their colours, textures, and emotions, finding solace and inspiration in their raw authenticity.

Join us to witness the transformative journey of giving, grieving, and growing, discovering the profound strength within us all.