Roman Roadside, 2018, Oil on Linen on Board, 28cm x 19cm

‘From Pillar to Post‘ Carolyn Davis

This latest exhibition “From Pillar to Post” brings together paintings of the landscape from Italy and Australia. A five-week tour of Italy in 2018 spent painting ‘en plein air’, strengthen both my skill and desire for landscape painting. During this time I was able to focus on painting, and refine my process as a plein air painter. I came away with a new found love of landscape painting, and I carried forth this enthusiasm into the Australian landscape, enjoying the experience of discovering anew the familiar textures of our local landscape.

As a landscape artist I sit for hours in nature, feel its presence and witness the slow turning of light. Each painting aims to crystallise those lengthy observations into a moment on the canvas. The paintings bring to the viewer the infinitesimal movements of light, of land, of air, by gathering them together into the layers of brush strokes in oil paint.

My paintings record my explorations akin to a map through the passage of time and also through the physical lands both abroad and at home, from pillar to post.

Carolyn Davis, artist