First 100 days (a concept store)

Mission:  The store is minimal.  One walk through and it should be clear if there is something for you.

You will find nothing for sale.

First 100 days presents the first hundred t-shirts that I have modified and worn as part of a year-long project embodying the process and performance of feminist reading, writing, research and representation. Each t-shirt behaves as a highlighter of sorts, picking parts of a hundred wholes and asking that we reread them and forge new connections to new ideas.

The project explores themes of representation (seen and unseen) and labour (paid and unpaid) through the work of feminist thinkers.

Words and phrases have been personally transformative. They are questioning, declarative, personal, political, profound, humorous, sad, joyous, affirming, confronting, and authentic.

The shirts are not for sale – they are to be given away at an event to be held mid 2019. First 100 days serves as its introduction, and I invite you to express your interest.

Kirsty Macafee, Artist

With thanks to Jane Button for her wise counsel and thought-provoking conversation.

FIRST 100 DAYS 2019

100 organic cotton t-shirts, vinyl lettering, flocked coat hangers, 3 chrome garment racks (130cm x 120cm)

Care Label 2019

Brushed cotton, vinyl lettering, Dorcas pins, foam core, balsa wood

Dimensions: 42cm x 59.5cm x 2cm

Textile Politics 2019

100% organic cotton t-shirt seams, flocked coat hanger, Dorcas dressmaking pins

Dimensions:  80cm x 70cm x 2cm

There is a seam 2019

Vinyl lettering

Dimensions:  45cm + 30cm

Birds flying high you know how I feel 2019

Vinyl ‘holes’ sourced from the centre of the t-shirt Os, Dorcas dressmaking pins

Dimensions:  variable