Friday 17 May, 6:30-8:30 pm

In my sculptures, I blend abstract and figurative shapes to express personal or social experiences and emotions that can’t always be expressed in words. Many of these emotions are complex mixtures of different elements and feelings triggered by things happening inside and outside of us.
In this series, I explore how well we understand ourselves and our emotions and how courageous we are to delve into our inner selves to uncover mysterious aspects of our character. When we do this, we may experience various feelings and see how they manifest.
Throughout this series, I focus on emotional comprehension and infuse each piece with a sense of poetry using a symbolic sign of a dove.


Born in Tehran, Elnaz started ceramic and sculpting as an early teen under the supervision of Maryam Salour when she became interested in abstraction and the colour field movement. Meanwhile, Studying for a Bachelor of Industrial Design brought a touch of geometric forms into her work.
In 2013, Elnaz moved to Melbourne and continued her life as a full-time ceramist, where her functional ceramics became well known for their hand-painted designs and vivid colours. This immigration unveiled the idea of relationships at fundamental levels and social life in her abstract, figurative sculptures.