Clay in Motion
Group exhibition curated by Ingrid Dusselberg
Artists: Anna Dehm, Anne Anderson, Suzi Jotwani, Sue Mc Sheffery, Jane Wallace Mitchell, Kylie Castan, Lynne Bechervaise, Wendy Rae, Maree Broad, Doreen Blankfield, Ingrid and Klaus Dusselberg, Jess Solomon, Yinghong Li, Marian Bosch, Robyn Hartman, Monica Gehrt, Cecilia Liddle

Studio 32 Artist Collective provides an exciting and creative space, where sculptors work primarily in clay, sharing techniques, ideas and support for each other.
The Studio has encouraged artists to unleash the joy and imagination that is expressed in the three-dimensional world of sculpture. Many of the artists who have worked with Studio 32 are accomplished in other mediums and you will see elements in the current exhibition.