‘Bouquet’ examines in detail the natural world of flowers, their individual form, shape, growth patterns, leaves and colours. My intention was to capture the unique personality of each specimen.
The choice of flowers in the arrangements are unusual and adventurous. When it came to placing the blooms into vases, I had my large collection of glass and ceramic vessels to choose from. On some occasions I invented the vases and created my own patterns to adorn them.
Colour has always been a major focus in my artwork and these flower paintings have extended my range and colour palette to new levels. The backgrounds have been kept to one colour hue that complements the overall design but I have also added texture and light and shadow in others.
Vincent Van Gogh who did many beautiful paintings of flowers in jugs and pots has been an influence in this exhibition.
Flowers have a unique relationship with humans. They are symbols of love, joy, hope, gratitude, peace and loss. They hold our memories. Their fragrance sends humans into a state of euphoria. They are a mirror of our own lives in their inherent fragility and vulnerability. Their beauty inspires creativity. Many poets have written about flowers and a small selection of these poems accompany the paintings in this exhibition.
To misquote Frida Kahlo, I paint flowers so that they will live forever.