Lauren V Morehouse is a textile, performance and installation artist. Her current practice is an exploration of the beauty of the artist. In an unstable world where the value of art and artists is a political conversation she strives to humanise these discussion points and draw them down to the individual level. The National Cultural Policy, released in January 2023, states as one of its pillars “Centrality of the Artist: Supporting the artist as worker and celebrating artists as creators.”

As someone who surrounds themselves with artists, Lauren sees them as an extension of her work, they are the context in which her own creations are made. She wants to draw a wider audience into this world. Art makes the world a better place for so many reasons, and the people who make that art deserve to be acknowledged, supported, celebrated and paid.

Artists as Creators is a series of portraits of artists Lauren knows and admires. She has asked them to display the tools they use to create their work. It is almost a ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse into a world that is, for the audience, all about the final product. But for the artist the process is everything. Each work is created through thousands of individual stitches, Lauren’s personal act of honouring the work of artists.