Thursday 29 February, 6:30-8:30 pm

I love the ‘stuff’ of art. I love paint and canvas; paper, ink and charcoal; pencils and erasers; pots and tape; brushes and tools of all sorts. I love what these things can ask and what they can answer. I mix my colours from the primaries—that is from only red, yellow and blue—in a manner that has become a ritual part of the painting activity; one that is mesmerising at times and a restrained and fitting prelude to the expansiveness of my creative process.

My paintings express joy—joy in fleeting moments; in a thought; in music; in a place; in the joy of questions and not knowing; or simply the joy of delighting in equipment and colour and seeing what happens. It comes back to the materiality of the process, the physical creation, the apparatus of artmaking. That’s what I love.