Thursday 13 June, 6:30-8:30 pm

In this exhibition I am showcasing pieces that encompass the obstetric experience from rough cast instruments to delicate human sculptures. These pieces have been hand sculpted in clay or wax and then cast into glass by the lost wax process. This process is slow, and each piece can take several months to complete. Each sculpture is unique. They have been a labour of love as a final goodbye to a profession that I treasured”.

During pregnancy a woman’s body changes in dramatic and sometimes alarming ways, and women navigate a multiple of conflicting emotions. I have endeavoured to show the inherent beauty in both the pregnant shape and the developing fetus.  There is a depth of feeling, and protection for the unborn child which overcomes all the difficulties that pregnancy poses. I have chronicled some of the stages of fetal development that I commonly assessed with ultrasound and in this way was able to let go of a lifetime’s work. 

Amanda Sampson



Andy Bevan is a warm glass artist, living and making in the Victorian Dandenong Ranges since 2012. He discovered the joy of glass making at a later age and learnt his craft at the Blue Dog Warm Glass studio in Melbourne, including attending workshops run by National and International professional glass artists.

Captivated by the unique nature and behaviour of glass, he utilizes a range of making methods and techniques to create work that actively blurs the distinction between the functional and artistic, purpose and aesthetic pleasure, finish and detail. He is known for often challenging the presumed high gloss finish of glass by sandblasting his pieces, adding additional intricacy to the completed work. Exploring the use gravity on shaping the finished form of the glass is a particular focus in this exhibition.

His work is represented in private collections in Australia.

Andy Bevan