Helping you unleash creativity and innovation

At Ladder Art Space we believe in the power of creativity, both as beneficial to our personal well-being and as vital to businesses and organisations to stay innovative and ahead of the game. We provide a variety of events to help your team develop their creative skills and to achieve their personal and organisational potential.

We can operate anywhere that suits you. Whether that’s in your office, our studio, a bar or restaurant (which we can find for you!).

Sip and Paint

Taking the format of our public events, these events are perfect for team-building, parties, or away days. Everyone will get their own canvas, paints, and brushes while being guided by one of our art facilitators through a painting or image of your choice from our featured paintings.

Benefits of a Private Party

  • You select your own masterpiece to paint from our collection. A link will be emailed to you so that you can choose your painting!
  • You can schedule your party any day of the week, space permitting. We have morning, afternoon and evening slots available.
  • Prices are lower per person than our regular public classes.
  • No setup, no cleanup – just show up!
  • We provide all of the art supplies.
  • Guests may bring drink, snacks or food ***, or order a refreshment table (photos in below)
    ***Please note that there will not be enough space in the studio for a separate food table.

  • We will begin painting at the time scheduled, so ask your guests to arrive promptly at the party start time. 
  • Private parties have a 15 minute grace period before the painting start time and 15 minute grace period at the painting end time. The grace period is designated for but is not limited to, set-up, breakdown, food and beverage staging, check-in and socializing.  
  • A party exceeding the end time is subject to a service charge of $75.00 and an additional $75.00 for each additional hour over party end time.  Party extensions are based on the availability of space and management discretion. 
  • Deposits are refunded at the end of the party, once ALL terms have been met.

Requirements of a Private Party

  • All guests must be 18 or older with a valid ID. Cost: $45  per person for 2 hours workshop (please add extra $10 per person for 3 hours sessions)
    Cost for 3 hours Paint Your Pet session: $65 per person
  • $150 refundable deposit to hold the time slot.
  • The minimum number of guests must be paid at least a day before the party.
  • Studio 1 can accommodate a maximum of 19 guests.*
  • Studio 2 can accommodate a maximum of 14 guests.*

*At the same time, we can accommodate up to 19 participants in Studio1 and up to 14 in Studio2 with two instructors.
When the two studios are booked for the same event, we offer our Gallery3 (in the middle of the two studios) and 30 min extra time for free, so G3 could potentially be used for serving drinks and refreshments.

The minimum number required for a private party is as follows:

  • Friday evenings and anytime on Saturday and Sunday, Studio1: 15 guests
  • Friday evenings and anytime on Saturday and Sunday, Studio2: 14 guests
  • All other times, Studio1/Studio2: 10 guests 
  • All times, Studio1 & Studio2: 25 guests 

 *If the minimum is not met, the difference between the minimum and the number of guests attending must be paid before the party can take place.

Cancellation Policy

The host of the party can secure a reservation with a $150 refundable deposit. There is a 15-day cancellation policy. If less than a 10-day notice of cancellation is given, the $150 deposit will not be refunded.

How do I reserve and pay for my party?

Once the private party has been booked and the deposit made, we will send you a link to our library so that you can select a painting.  The host/hostess can then pay with one payment for the party, at least 5 days before the party.

Private Party Availability

Please call (03) 9852 8772 or email [email protected] for availability.5

Please contact us at [email protected] , to order a grazing table for your party.
When you order the table, we offer G3 and 30 min extra time for free (*depending on space availability). So G3 could potentially be used for serving drinks and refreshments.