Artistic 'The Kiss of Klimt' Painting at Ladder Art Space's 'Paint and Sip' Event

Why paint and sip? Until a few months ago, Lily Lopez didn’t think she had an artistic bone in her body. “I have never thought that I can paint! I was really bad at painting, I couldn’t even draw a straight line”, says Lopez, a 37-year-old manager of an accounting firm in Melbourne. That all changed after a friend invited her along to a Paint and Sip workshop or some people call it Wine and Paint at Ladder Art Space in nearby Kew.

“Now I’m kind of addicted, I have created four masterpieces in three months,” jokes Lopez, who regularly attends Sip and Paint workshops at Ladder Art Space with a small group of friends, family and sometimes colleagues. The Paint and Sip workshop includes two hours of instruction and materials and invites novice painters to bring their own wine and snacks. Lopez occasionally goes solo to relax after a hard day’s work. She even tried going with a date. “We enjoyed the night, it was much better than Netflix, a bar or a restaurant. We really relaxed that night and at the end, we had two beautiful masterpieces,” she said.

Paint and Sip classes

Paint and Sip classes have been growing in popularity and are actually as fun as it sounds. It is very important that you choose the right one, the one that focuses on the art that you create, otherwise, you just drink in a new atmosphere.

7 things to know about Paint and Sip

So here are 7 things that you should know about Paint and Sip workshops at Ladder Art Space:

1. Paint and Sip is like yoga, without the sweat:

Need a release that doesn’t involve strenuous exercise or sinking into the couch for half the night? Painting is the perfect therapeutic hobby as it directs one’s focus to colours, lines, shapes, and nothing else. “Paint and Sip” relieves stress on the mind and minimises muscle soreness, joint pain, headaches, and other physical ailments. So why not enjoy some wine, the social atmosphere, the meditative motions, gain a new skill and create a masterpiece while you relax?

2. Paint and Sip boosts creativity:

No matter what you are painting, it modes of artistic expression. At Ladder Art Space in Melbourne, the Paint and Sip teachers help you to go beyond the template and be innovative to create something with your own personal touch, a surprising new flair that reveals your deepest expressions and motivations.

3. At Paint and Sip you meet new people or explore new things with your friends:

Sometimes we need a break from everyone you know. We understand! Paint and Sip shares its unique art space with those wanting to learn new skills, mix up their routine, or get out and meet like-minded lovers of art and culture.

4. No experience is required:

Paint and Sip workshops are still an art class, meaning that even if you don’t know your Persian from your Prussian blue, our teachers are there to guide you with easy tips and lessons. We guarantee that every pupil who walks in will walk out a painter!

5. You can bring whatever you want to eat and drink:

Ladder Art Space encourages participants to bring their favourites – whether it’s beer, wine, champagne, cheese platters, or a chocolate fountain! Glasses and ice are provided.

6. Party time:

If you are looking for a novel idea for your next birthday party, baby shower, hens’ night, or family celebration, Paint and Sip in Melbourne is a perfect choice. Not only will you and your guests each go home with a beautiful masterpiece, but also an unforgettable night with those nearest and dearest to you.

7. Paint and Sip is super fun:

When was the last time you unleashed your creativity in a beautiful and inspiring gallery space? Paint and Sip workshops are a combination of drinks, socialising and being personally creative in a unique environment. The gallery environment is unique, live, and educational and also you can enjoy the exhibitions which are held in the gallery before or after your sessions.

Paint and Sip relieves stress on the mind and minimises muscle soreness. Having a glass of wine and painting improve social skills and lead to higher levels of self-confidence and happiness. Ladder art space gives you the chance to create a piece of art in a unique environment in Melbourne. Everybody can paint if they want to.

Artistic 'Poppies à la Van Gogh' Painting at Ladder Art Space's 'Paint and Sip' Event

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