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Current Exhibition

Opening night: Wednesday, 6 March 6-8 pm

All very welcome.

First 100 days (a concept store)

Mission:  The store is minimal.  One walk through and it should be clear if there is something for you.

You will find nothing for sale.

First 100 days presents the first hundred t-shirts that I have modified and worn as part of a year-long project embodying the process and performance of feminist reading, writing, research and representation. Each t-shirt behaves as a highlighter of sorts, picking parts of a hundred wholes and asking that we reread them and forge new connections to new ideas.

The project explores themes of representation (seen and unseen) and labour (paid and unpaid) through the work of feminist thinkers.

Words and phrases have been personally transformative. They are questioning, declarative, personal, political, profound, humorous, sad, joyous, affirming, confronting, and authentic.

The shirts are not for sale – they are to be given away at an event to be held mid 2019. First 100 days serves as its introduction, and I invite you to express your interest.

Kirsty Macafee, Artist

My love for art started when I met a famous Iranian painter 18 years ago, he ignited a passion in me that I couldn’t ignore. Growing up in Iran, I have seen first-hand the struggles of women in society, my voice like so many others have gone unheard, not just in Iran but across the world, and through the international language of art I want to present those suppressed or unseen feelings.

My work focuses on portraits of women, often concentrating on the political injustice women can face in society. I want to empower those women and give them a voice, ignoring the trappings of power and the rituals needed for its effect, or evoking the traditional distancing of the supplicant by those in power, giving voice to those who are often unheard, or revealing the power of language through beauty. 

My artwork takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. My preferred material is oil and although my methodology and theme is consistent, I also include elements of  nature and animals. I want the viewer to feel the freedom of the birds to the stark contrast of the restriction the women feel. The horses representing the strength they feel on the inside, yet also the fragility and beauty of women. I pay particular attention to their eyes, always looking straight at the viewer, drawing them to look back and into their souls to see their innermost feelings.

Darya Khatami, Artist

Visit Ladder Art Space

81 Denmark st, Kew VIC 3101

Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 6pm